Markus is a UX designer with end-to-end skill set. He has 15 years of experience on creating digital products, with the main focus on usability and user-centric design process.

Markus in a nut shell

Leonardo of the digital world who enjoys working with UX stuff, user research and games.

Dog: Welsh Corgi RIP
Cat: N/A
Education: MS (Information Processing Science)

Hits :)

Games, fencing, sci-fi, Pepsi

Misses :[

Pineapple on pizza, coriander, pompous folks


  • Usability


  • Prototyping


  • User Research


  • 2D graphics


  • Web dev


  • Elvis impersonation

Secondary Skills

Game development, agile process, analytics, service design

The Not-So-Good Skills

Can't sing, heat intolerant, no sense of humor, cola addict

  • The great pyramid of Giza is finally complited

  • 1980

    Wild Bachelor Days in Korso

    Personal logs very, very inconsistent

  • Markus is born!

    Markus decides to become a train man when he grows up. Or an astronaut.

  • 1987

    Skool Dayz

    ...or how detention is supposed to be good for the character

  • Hitech! Markus gets a C64 computer

    First steps of animation using Amiga Deluxe Paint

    Flash 4 revolutionizes Markus' world

  • 1999

    In the Army Now

  • 2000

    Dead-end with Information Systems

    while (!wayFound)

  • Markus gets his wisdom tooth removed – four times

  • 2003

    Studyin' in Oulu

    Digital media and dangerous webs

  • Markus adopts Molli the dog

  • 2007

    Bringing the Bread on the Table

    Entrepreneur's life in Kuopio

  • 2009

    The Office

    Off to work in Helsinki: Darwin Oy, UX Designer

    Bilot Oy, UX Designer

  • Markus launches his pet project, kids' gaming site Peliporkkana

    Verner boy is born to Markus' family

  • 2019

    Game on

    Going full time with game dev: Ubisoft RedLynx, UX Designer

  • Emil boy is born to Markus' family

    Markus learns to use a sewing machine

  • The Future...

  • A cat adopts Markus

    Markus founds his own game studio

  • The Future, Version A


    A Tragic Accident!

    Markus suffers a slow but painful death by a rabid platypus.

    The day is declared a public holiday in Chile.

  • The Future, Version B


    Colonization in Mars

    Life is tough, but manageable thanks to cryogenetics


    Governor of Gerafir C 2

    Markus leads the Martian Southern States to a whole new era of prosperity


    Life in a Glass Jar

    Markus leaves his old-fart body behind and moves his brains into a LaKX jar


    To Space... And Beyond!

    The first solar sail expedition to Alpha Centauri is launced. Markus sneaks in.

    ...the journey is long. Really long...


    Interstellar Space

    During the countless years of space travelling, Markus accidentally creates a time distortion device

    72 000 B.C.


    Markus steps on some prehistoric fish thing. An uncontrollable chain reaction starts, destroying all lif- - -